Beautiful girls suffer from rope bondage, suspension, gags, nipple torture, whipping and rough sex

Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Ass Caning, Begging, Caning, Crying, Foot Bondage, Foot Caning, Foot Torture, Hitachi, Nipple Bondage, Orgasm, Stocks, Strappado, Tears, Toe Bondage, Vibrator
Video language: English

Oh, baby, here come the water works. Mercy West is beaten, broken, and begging for it all to stop. She thought she could handle the intensity of a live feed but she wasn’t even close to ready. We have a few of our meaner mind games lined up for her during this last bit, and of course, no show is complete without a grand finale.

The Numbers Game is an old favorite with a new twist. Mercy feels the blow of a cane that leaves her shrieking with tears streaming down her face. She’s told that on a scale of one to ten the intensity was only a 6. Her job is to ask for each level, in any order she wants, without repeating any of them. Will she take them in order, from 1-10? Will she decide to count backward? Or is she going to do the smart thing and try to pace herself, mixing it up a bit? It doesn’t really matter how she plays, in the end our viewers are the real winners.

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Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Back Bender Machine, Ball Gag, Breast Flogging, Caning, Chains, Crotch Chain, Flogging, Fucking Machine, Neck Play, Nipple Clamps, Orgasm, Ring Gag, Tape Gag, Vibrator, Weighted Nipple Clamps
Video language: English

When we get started on Nikki Darling she thinks that we are going hard. We begin by attaching nipple clamps, then tying them off to the floor, pulling her arms up into a strappado and brutally caning her. We can forgive her for thinking that this is the intensity that she can expect from us. But to us it is a warm up. We have the recipe for a perfect bondage experience and step one is to treat her normal level of play as a casual warm up.

We let her simmer there for a while. Her mouth is taped shut but we can see her mind working behind her eyes. She wants to ask what we’re planning. She wants to know if things are going to get worse. Nikki has come to us before to get her domination and corporal punishment fix, so she knows we like to ramp things up, but normally things start off so much more gently, and she thought this was going to work just like last time. Now she doesn’t know what to think, and with the way we’ve got her mouth plugged up she won’t be asking any questions or talking back, either.

Being bent over was bad, but being bent backwards is so much worse. It stretches her limbs, cracks her back, and leaves her exposed to the onslaught of painful punishments that we’ve devised. We have 3 different ways of contorting her into the back bridge. The first is probably the easiest, the last is definitely the most evil. We set her up on the fucking machine for that one, so while she is shackled into place all she wants to do is buck and fuck, trying desperately to cum while we flog her tits.

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Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Bent Over Tie, Blindfold, Blonde, Blonde Slave Training, Blue Eyes, Crotch Rope, Deep Throat, Drool, Face Fucking, Long Hair, Rough fucking, Rough Sex, Smeared Makeup, Strappado, Tattoo, Three Way

Video language: English

You have to admire the ones that do not hold back, that seek utter destruction by dick and give it their all. Madelyn Monroe is one of those, a blonde tanned blue eyed blonde that can take a cock like nobody’s business. There is zero hold back in her game, just total commitment to the experience.

We blindfold and tie up our fuckdoll and then lead her out onto the stage where her second cock is waiting for her. A small custom built fuckstool awaits her, it is all we need for the fucking. Dropping Madelyn down to her knees we inspect her mouth hole before filling it up properly with hard cock. She is a natural and takes to her task with vigor. We rip off the blindfold and pick up the pace.

What follows is a no hold barred ragdoll fucking all over the stage. Her arms tied strappado behind her immobilize her completely, giving us full access to all the fun bit. We take the mouth and pussy and then back again as Madelyn’s makeup slides down her face. This fuckdoll is wrecked. And she loves it.

Cranking down that well used pussy onto the fuck stool with strict crotch rope, Madelyn’s arms are stretched up behind her. The strappado and crotch rope put her face pussy at the perfect height for deepthroat and we indulge ourselves a little longer. When we are done, we leave our dazed fuckpuppet lolling in her ropes and covered in her own juices.

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Studio: Jayedwards

Jay carries petite redhead Shannon in over his shoulder and tries to decide what to do with her. Hes in the mood for something special and who better to spend a special day with than the tough cookie who can take just about everything he dishes out? Shannon whimpers and mews, but we know shes into it. Just look at her outfit: long black stockings, silky opera gloves, ultra-high heels and a leopard print garter belt. This chickie is asking for it! Seeking inspiration from a series of beautiful and intense drawings by bondage art great Bishop, Shannon and Jay bring to life what once seemed only to be possible with pen and paper! Her elbows are welded together for nearly every scene. Her jaws are held wide with fat ballgags. Her limbs are jacked at incredible angles. We get to enjoy her in heels and barefoot along with plenty of onscreen tying. She is even fully suspended in a ball-tie! After the feature we are treated to a brand new addition to the Edwards stable, Domino! Gorgeous Domino has blonde hair, long legs and big, round tits – yum! Her bright green lingerie contrasts so well with her rich tan, then shes a vision in red with heels to match. Enduring crotchropes, nipple clamps and mouth filling gags, Domino looks like a girl to watch!

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Duration: 1:33:12
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Genres: Bondage,submission
Video language: Russian

This is the first rough 18 sex for Maria and John together. Maria is a submissive teen who gets off on the hardest fucking and loves to have her ass whipped. It is an extra thrill for her to play with the dominant teen John because she has no idea what to expect. Even before they start fucking each other in hot vanilla bdsm, the girl’s tight pussy is already wet. The boy gets a collar and leather leash on his new sex slave and pulls her right onto his hard teen cock for a blowjob. She obediently does what he wants and cries out with pleasure while he spanks her bare bottom. The teens are so horny for each other that they can’t wait much longer. John throws the submissive girl’s legs overhead and slides his cock into her juicy snatch, fucking her until he creams her pretty face.

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Duration: 27:15
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Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Ass Caning, Caning, Hitachi, Orgasm, Pussy Flogging, Pussy Whipping, Rope Bondage, Rope Gag, Single Tail, Thigh Caning, Vibrator, Whip
Video language: English

Jack Hammer is going to educate Elizabeth Thorn on the Essence of Pain. She has the words “Resistance is Futile” tattooed right above her pussy, so she already knows how this is going to go. He’s going to put her into some intense rope bondage to keep her in place. She’ll start on the floor, then be partially suspended, before getting moved back to the ground to suffer sweetly some more. Every bit of her day is going to be occupied by rough corporal punishment. He has so many ways to make her scream that sometimes it is hard to choose his favorite. He puts her through a brutal double caning, working the front and back of her at the same time. He whips her while she struggles against the bondage that has turned her into a perfect target for torment. He flogs her ass, her pussy, and her tits, the leather leaving bright red streaks across her skin.

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Release Year: 2015
Video language: English

Horny girl with naked tits, in brown pants and white blouse plus hot woman in black short skirt with big boobs. Her tied up with ropes – on the floor. Red ball and panties in her mouth. Clothespins on her nipples. Professional bondage, strappado, hogtie and torture for a sexy girl in the bar.

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Release Year: 2015
Studio: BrutalCastings
Cast: Aubrey Gold
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

Aubrey Gold, a cute Southern blonde, is ready to leave her small town behind for a modeling career in a big city! She sent her audition video to Teen Castings, a great agency in Miami, and gets a call back. She’ll do anything to get what she wants. Her potential agent wants to take a few photos of her in her underwear. When he tries to get her naked, explaining it will bring more work for her, she grabs her clothes. So he makes it clear: If she doesn’t do what he says, she can go back home. Now, to even be considered, she must endure his love for BDSM, domination, rope bondage, deepthroat bj, fingering, squirting, spanking, slapping and rough sex. She’s gained a new Sir, an extreme sex slave training and a cum facial. A modeling contract? Maybe not.

Format: mp4
Duration: 34:13
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 8064kbps
Audio: 113kbps

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Release Year: 2012
Studio: Kenmarcus
Cast: Kiera & Seth
Genres: BDSM, Fetish, Rope & Steel Bondage, Strict Bondage, spanking, suspension, electrostimulation
Video language: English

Kiera King is subjected to a rough-sex dungeon session by her Dom, Seth. She’s bound, sucks his cock and then gets spanked, slapped and anally fucked. Seth wastes no time in bringing Kiera into line and taking his pleasure at will. Both get their rewards in different ways.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 16:24
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Genres: Bondage,submission
Video language: Russian

Young vixen Maria is looking incredibly seductive in her tight black bodice with leather leashes and whips draped over her curves. She comes right up to her sexy blonde girlfriend in a way that demands a rough 18 lesbian fucking. Anna is just as kinky and her teen pussy starts to get all wet the moment she feels the leather collar around her neck. The young domina pulls the submissive by a leash right into her tits. Both Maria and Anna have sub and dom traits so it doesn’t take long before the mistress gets her clothes ripped off her sexy young body. Anna uses the other collar and leash on her lesbian girlfriend and the two chicks use the leather leads to pull their bodies onto one another. Each of the horny fetish teens gets a vertebrae dildo up her tight pussy while they passionately kiss.

Frisky teens Molly and Alex have never played any of their Rough 18 sex games together. The couple starts out playful with the boy using a horse whip to lightly smack the girl’s perky tits. When he sees how horny the whipping is making the girl, he increases the strength until his arm is delivering hard lashes against her young flesh. Since Molly really makes the perfect teen sex slave, the boy puts a collar and leash on her then fucks her pussy with the handle of a flog. He then uses the leash to pull her throat right onto his hard cock and get it all wet with her saliva. The girl’s pussy is so wet already though that his big teen dick slides right into the tight snatch. Alex never lets go of the leash while fucking the submissive teen and

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