Beautiful girls suffer from rope bondage, suspension, gags, nipple torture, whipping and rough sex

Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Bed Frame, Belly Button Ring, Belt Bondage, Big Ass, Big Breasts, Black Boots, Black Cock, Blow job, Breast Bondage, Busty, Deep Throat, Face Fucking, Hitachi, Long Hair, Pale Skin, Red Hair, Slave Girl Training, Vibrator

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Bella Rossi is one of a kind. She will take whatever you throw at her with a grin on her face. You can propose just about anything to her and she will go for it. When you have someone this eager and willing, you need to bring put the big guns and do something a little more…challenging. Challenging is what we bring to the table today. Well, more like the bed.

Bound with belts on a bed frame with a vibrator bolted down between her wide spread thighs and her hand hanging off the edge, Bella is ready for the action. As stressful as this might look, this is only the warm up. It is going to get much much more intense before the day is done. First we add some rocks to those tied off tits, just for a little more pressure. You can’t bring tits that big to set and not get them punished.

The insistent and punishing deepthroat we deliver to Bella’s hanging head makes her eyes go misty as we unleash a fierce and unforgiving onslaught on her wide open face. All the while the vibrator is ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her pierced pussy. Today is about breath play and we aim to up the game even more…where are those rocks? The hands, the dick, the hard angle, they all combine to blast Bella into sexual subspace but we are not done yet.

Tying the rocks off to Bella’s neck rope provides just the right amount of pressure and rips yet another orgasm out of Bella’s restrained flesh. She lays there upon the wooden bed frame, lost in a daze of hard sexual use. This is the true definition of sexually broken. Always a pleasure my dear. Until next time…

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Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Spanking, Hardcore
Video language: English

The successful Milgram Experiment series (based on a real Yale University experiment) returns with its third installment. Female volunteers are tested how cruel they are, how far they go when their task is to punish other females (our spankee models) for failing in a test. The outsiders were not aware of the real point of the experiment, they thought that we were scientists, and that we were testing how punishment affects learning. This video features three girls being whipped an caned. Some painful surprises are waiting in this video.

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Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Ass Caning, Ball Gag, Black Ball Gag, Bruises, Caning, Dildo, Flogging, Hitachi, Neck Rope, Nipple Clamps, Pogo, Pussy Whipping, Reverse Prayer Bondage, Rope Bondage, Single Tail, Spanking, Thigh Caning, Whip

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A girl doesn’t get this many piercings without being into a little bit of pain. A girl doesn’t get them where Jessica Creepshow has them without being into a lot of pain. She’s dominant in her every day life and Jessica gets so tired of taking charge of every situation. What she needs is a man who can wrestle control away from her, put her in her place, and take what he wants from her while she is helpless and in his power.

Enter Jack Hammer. Jack and Jessica have known each other for a bit, but she has never had the pleasure of being his sexual slave. Today that finally changes, and she is excited as hell for it. What she knows is that Jack is one of the best in the business when it comes to rope bondage and corporal punishment. There is no way her expectations could be too high.

Sure enough, he steps on scene and Jessica is ready to serve. His presence, his touch, his voice, all command respect and obedience. When he begins to hurt her she can’t even beg him to stop. All her mouth will let come out is a pleading, “Thank you, sir. May I please have another?”

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Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking
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Ms. currently employs maids to nehily zarplatu. For minor infractions once relied flogging.

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Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Asian, Big Dick, Black Ball Gag, Black Boots, Black Cock, Blindfold, Blow job, Brown Eyes, Brunette, China Doll, Deep Throat, Long Hair, Natural Breast, Slave Bj Training, Sloppy Blow Job On Black Cock, Small Tits, Squirting, Squirting Orgasm, Three

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The bondage is clean and simple, rendering Asia completely immobile while totally comfortable. She is planted on the floor, legs spread wide and her thin arms cranked behind her. A blindfold cuts off her vision and a black ballgag wedged between those lips reminds her of her purpose in life. She should always have something between those lips. When we apply a vibrator her eager pussy betrays her on the spot, releasing a gushing orgasm almost instantly. Well. You don’t say? This should be fun…

We remove the black ballgag and replace it with black cock. The blindfold still keeps her in darkness as we train out that throat. She takes every inch without a whimper. Time to step up the pace. We remove the blindfold and add a second dick as Asia wallows in a puddle of her own cum. This is the sort of pet any one would be happy to have on tap, that cute face calls for the cock.

In a sexual overload, we add back in the vibrator and a little breathplay. The bondage, the multiple squirting orgasms, the dick dizziness, the blindfold and deepthroat all conbine to blast Asia into another dimension. Gentlemen, I think we have just created another bondage lover…

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The guy was lucky in his possession were just two sexy Japanese girls who misbehaved and must be punished. Download and enjoy!

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Release Year: 2015
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黒髪に色白の柔肌、ヤバイくらいのあどけなさただよう激ロリ美少女『小西まりえちゃ ん』、円らで潤んだ瞳の愛くるしい眼差しは性的サディズムを刺激する、天性のマゾ娘!全身の自由を奪われ淫らな姿に緊縛されだけでトロトロのアソコ!ツル ツル純白パイパンの恥部を電マ、バイブで徹底的なアクメ責め!密かに仕掛けた媚薬の効能が体中を駆け巡る!怒涛のごとく押し寄せるオルガズム!自己制御完 全不能!エクスタシーはレッドゾーン!噴射する潮!絶叫悶絶イキまくり!真性マゾ×緊縛×媚薬!至極のレシピ!美少女アクメドキュメント!

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Release Year: 2015
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For sexy girls in dresses plus big two men. Their stripped. Gag in their mouth. Tied up with ropes – legs, hands, neck and boobs. Their pussy – torture with four dildos. Professional bondage and torture for four sexy women in big garage.

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Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Blonde Slave Training, Blow job, Blue Eyes, Drool, Enhanced Breasts, Fucking Machine, Interracial, Long Hair, MILF, Slave Bj Training, Slave Girl Training, Sloppy Blow Job On Black Cock, Sucking, Throat Boarding, Vaginal Penetration
Video language: English

Busty blonde MILF Holly Heart never stops talking. This loud mouthed slut will talk your ear right the fuck off. Lucky for us, we have the one thing in the world that will shut her up. Which is a heaping serving of hard cock aided by a fucking machine and strict bondage.

In the first scene of her live BaRS show, we start off with some throat training, and the silence that descends is beautiful. As the hard cocks reshape out her face pussy, the drool pours out and her big blue eyes water. When makeup runs into dick, dick wins every time, and in short order Holly’s perfect porn star makeup is destroyed by the dick.

Shifting our big titted MILF onto a fucking machine and shackling her in place, we continue the throat training while the fucking machine plows her perfect shaved pussy. Holly loses it, blasted deep into sexually subspace by the overload of sensation and strict bondage. She is twitchy and drained, and this is only the first scene.

There is no mercy for our MILF, and we have much more in store. Can this busty slut take what we are dishing out? Can she be the cock whore she aspires to be? Tune in for the next update and find out!

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Allies strict bondage journey continues as she is shackled spead eagle with very little room to move in the steel cuffs in the second scene, shes on her knees with a breast smasher Feenix uses suction, tens and vibrators to stimulate her helpless body for our enjoyment Allie makes a great subject and a great object and we hope to have her back for more

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