Arich heiress is kidnapped by a horny South American thug with more than just her money on his mind!
Beautiful heiress Christine Kay is on vacation in Mexico when her rental car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Late at night and all alone, Christine walks down the road to get help, not realizing she has been targeted for kidnapping. Suddenly a car screeches up and a beefy thus forces Christine in, then speeds off with the terrified girl into the night.
Stripped, bound and gagged, Christine is video taped being tortured and humiliated mercilessly in increasing degrees of severity. She is flogged, fondled and her ample breasts are tied up then covered with clothes pins. The tapes documenting her suffering are then sent to her stepfather supposedly to prompt payment of the ransom. Unfortunately, payment will not be forth coming. There is more to Christine’s predicament than meets the eye.

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