In this kinky scifi HD video big boob galactic girl Angelica Raven wakes up bound in an abundant space ship. Angelica was sent by ULTRA to investigate Trimon activities in the constellation of Casiopenis, when she found the abundant ship. Little by little she started to remember what happened before she lost conscience, when she heard a strange noise. Thick colorful tentacles came out of the walls and wrapped the brave girl. At first she tried to fight them, but after a while she let them probe her holes. Angelica Raven was a well trained galactic babe and she simulated that she felt sexual pleasure, while trying to use the tentacles to connect to the brains manipulating them. Check out this movie and find out how kinky Angelica is. Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 and find out how Angelica infiltrates the Alien slime creatures trying to find out what happened to the missing Galactic Girl Kymberly Jane. This is another alien porn production by Mistress Ania.
Format: mpg
Resolution: 1440×1080
Runtime: 10 min.
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