The name of the actress: Charlie Laine
Name movie: ARCHIVE CLASSIC SHOOT: Look What Begging Gets You
Year: 2011.
Genre: BDSM, Fuck Machine, Masturbation, Hardcore
Length: 00:33:39
Description: Charlie Laine looks like the sweet girl from some milk fed middle State and then take her clothes off and BAM – hotness in your face. At this point, Charlie has made a name for herself as a scoring hot babe who looks so good getting fucked you can’t get enough of her.
We recently asked Charlie to come back for another round, this time with Ariel X. Lets see how much begging we have to do to make that shoot happen since it took us 3 YEARS to get her here the first time. In the meanwhile, take a trip down Charlie Laine …

After 3 years of asking, Charlie Laine finally agrees to fuck machines – and it was well worth the wait. Charlie is the industry sweet heart – with her hot body and innocent face. She’s made a huge name for herself and today she leaves the porn world behind, comes into to shoot in what she wore on the plane, and lets loose with the machines in a candid, hot shoot. She gets tied to the bed, fucked on the floor and machine shagged until she is just a puddle. She’s a HUGE fan of vibration and she gets a good dose of teasing with the Sybian before finally calling mercy for her pussy!
File size: 403.3 MB