Here’s one of the most richly satisfying corporal punishment movies we have ever produced. Imagine, three pretty Reform school inmates, and a perverted, sadistic female warden.
That’s what you get here! Watch as an attractive young blonde humbly lowers her panties, grabs her ankles, and presents her saucily curved bottom to the Warden for harsh stinging paddling.
Then watch as each unfortunate and very naughty girl is forced to undress completely and lie prone on an X-shaped punishment frame. The girls plead nervously for leniency, as they are securely cuffed to the wooden frame, but none is granted. When you see their rounded bottoms raised high and their legs revealing spread it will take your breath away!! Each girl is then painfully whipped with a 20′ leather strap. No amount of crying or screaming deters the Warden. She straps her exposed bottoms with harsh, stinging force, until each is completely broken and loudly repentant!!
Studios: Raven Hill Studios

File size: 338.2 MB