Oh woe is Hakari! Seems the petite and bubbly lass is lost and late for a party, and not only that, but her cell phone is dead! Trusting the good in mankind to come through in a pinch, Hakari sees a house off in the distance and heads towards it hopping to able to use a phone. Little does Hakari know though, but there is precious little good in bondagemaidens land, and she’s about to come across the stranger momma always whispered to you about when you were young! Master Ronnie Rock makes his debut here as the fiendish “Samaritan” who abducts Hakari and forces her to bend to his twisted and demented whims and soon the wisp of whips, the sting of canes, and the echoes of screams fills the air as he punishes her for her naiveté.


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