Lexi Belle, Audrey Leigh, Kade Miss Audrey's SlavesIf kade is a good submissive, he will receive a gift in the form of a beautiful girl shackled to the wall. Miss Audrey wastes no time in dishing out the pain and humiliation. kade’s chest is flogged and his manhood is attacked as Audrey berates him about his tied up limp dick. Tied in tight rope bondage, kade’s ass is fucked while slave girl lexi is ordered to sit on his face. Miss Audrey thrusts deep as she demonstrates what is required of a hard cock. Bound on the floor, kade is used as a mat for Miss Audrey to trample on. lexi obediently sucks his cock and uses it for her pleasure while kade’s mouth is used to worship Audrey’s feet. Once all of the cum has been milked from him, kade is fed his orgasm and slapped. This final act of humiliation makes Audrey a very satisfied Mistress.

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