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 FD 12/30/2011 - Tara Lynn Foxx - In The Dark Pt II
It’s time to pay the Piper and Tara is taken roughly from behind in cold silence. Her stoic master roughly fucks her before he pulls out a vibe and viciously brings her off to a mindbending orgasm. She trembles as she cums and still, she is pushed even further, the vibe remains pressed against her clit as her screams fill the room…Exhausted, her next adventure has her spread wide with her ankles tightly tied overhead. This time she is mounted from above, fucked deep and fed cock. Still unkown to Tara is exactly why she is here. She is however certain that she soon will be receiving her just desserts…

 FD    12/23/2011 - Tara Lynn Foxx - In The Dark
Tara claims to have no knowledge as to why she’s found herself in this predicament. All she knows at this point, is that somebody is definitely holding a grudge…The man who has her in his grasp however, knows exactly how to extract justice and he’s not shy in going about it…Tara, bound and blindfolded, is bent and given a severe fucking…Despite her pleas, it seems fairly evident that she’s oddly enjoying what she’s being given…Even if it is in spite of her instincts…When she’s bound ass up on the horse, what may at first have seemed like a bad dream, abruptly becomes reality when her bare bottom is caned. And when she refuses to suck cock, her defiance serves as a reminder that it might be inevitable that she will comply..


 FD 12/09/2011 - Emma Ash - Seeing Red
Tommy wanted a redhead and he knew where to turn. We located and prepared the prize… locked in stocks for his appraisal. We have one goal at DungeonCorp and that is to satisfy…Tommy definitely was satisfied and was more than eager to play…The first order of the day was the vibrator between Emma’s legs, a quick flip of the switch and she was prepared to please…A vicious skull fucking ensues and Emma takes all she can, trying her best to not allow her natural reflexes to slow her down. Then, with Emma restrained to the cube, Tommy pays particular attention to his slave’s pale flesh working it to a bright red with the whip and crop. He then enters her pussy and fucks the daylights out of her

 FD </p> <p>11/25/2011 - Bailey Blue, Nikki Daniels - Time for Fun
Nikki digs showing off the place and givng tours, and Bailey sure seems curious about what she sees. She particularly takes a special interest in the stocks and Nikki’s more than eager to show her how they work. Once Bailey’s in place, Nikki’s friendly demeanor takes a turn…Before Baileyknows it, she’s got a dick in her face. To up the ante, Nikki straps on a massive dildo and Bailey’s about to have her holes filled…Tied tightly,

 FD    11/11/2011 - Reena Sky - Silver Tongue
Reena seems a bit apprehensive when she’s shown her man’s living arrangements. He assures her that it’s all on the up and up and she reluctantly agrees to enter. Once inside things seem a bit weirder, but her silver tongued suitor quickly talks his way around her concerns…When things get hot and heavy, she immediately relinquishes control and before she knows it, things start to get a little rough…When he whips out a gag, Reena doesn’t know quite what to think. But it doesn’t take long for her to realize that she’s “bound” for the experience of a lifetime.

 FD     10/19/2011 - Jackie Avalon - The Gift Pt II
Now flat on her back, Jackie has slowly begins to learn what she shall receive from this brute…He fucks her hard…and she’s bound tightly, she can do nothing more than comply and receive…She’s slightly conflicted as she begs to cum and is denied…For her greed, she shall now do some work as she is whipped around to ride her Master’s cock…Jackie thanks her Master for the pleasure she is receiving, yet at the same time she is apprehensive of his plans. She gets a little mouthy and this adds fuel to the fire. She’s then gagged and spread, her wrists stocked…wide open to receive exactly what she deserves…

 FD     10/14/2011 - Jackie Avalon - The Gift
Stocked, bound and bent, Jackie’s not going anywhere…She’s the subject of a certain mystery man’s desires…He kindly removes her gag, but denies her request to reveal his true identity…She seems to have the annoying habit of talking when she’s not asked though, so she promptly gets a mouthful of

 FD    10/06/2011 - Cherry Torn - From Bad to Worse Pt II
Cherry tensely braces for what may come next…She is bound tightly to the bench…her tits reddened and tightly wound in rope. Her wait isn’t long as her new Owner enters her abruptly and begins to give her a good, hard fucking…He samples her pussy, burying his face in her cunt as Cherry whimpers…He seems impressed with this purchase…For the final test, Cherry is in full suspension as she wraps her mouth around his cock while she hangs on for dear mercy…Another good, hard pounding ensues and Cherry has been used to the fullest. A hot load is dropped on her ass and Cherry is left dangling to await her next adventure…

 FD    09/30/2011 - Cherry Torn - From Bad to Worse
If you’ve been following Cherry’s ordeal over at, you’re probably asking yourself just how much worse can it possibly get for poor little Cherry?…She’s surely pondering that question herself…After she’d been pumped for information, the motley crew didn’t have much use for her, a fine, blonde whore such as this must certainly be worth a small fortune though shouldn’t she? And the crew could definitely use a little pocket change…Cherry finds herself crudely detained before she is placed on the underground auction block. The posh, Brit seedy-socialite that has his keen eye on Cherry, surely will not be denied on this night. And he bids to win…Cherry stands nervously at attention as her new Master inspects his prize. He is satisfied and issues the command…He wants his new toy prepared for a tryout. He is ready to have is way, money seems to be no object to this man, but alas poor Cherry, he does want to sample the wares…Cherry is stripped, bent and bound over the wooden horse for further appraisel and is viciously put through her paces…She handles her Owner’s cock deftly in her mouth and pussy. Nervously aware that she must please this man in hopes of any remote possibility of release

 FD   09/16/2011 - Nikki Daniels - The Visitor
An impatient, traveling businessman seems to have stumbled upon a grand fortune. As he relaxes in his room, a knock on the door announces the arrival of housekeeping. What greets his eyes however, isn’t quite your typical broken down old maid. Rather the opposite, and in walks a damsel of mouth watering proportions…As she sets about her business, ideas of gluttony race through the man’s head…And as he watches her bend in front of him, these ideas become irresistible…Overcome by lust, our businessman sets about showing this fine maid exactly what he has in mind. Used to perverse guests on a regular basis, she begrudgingly obliges as he buries his cock balls deep in her face. Then, he reveals his “bag of tricks” and our sexy, little maid quickly realizes that this is no ordinary visitor
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