During a competition, some of the girls have been driving to a park and drunk some beer. They are caught in the act and the police tells them that drinking in the park is forbidden. Their coach is angry about them and orders two of them to take off their pants and show their pussy. They have to go to the gym-hall and all of them has to take a jumping-belt. Lena is the most quilty one and will be punished first. She has to lie on her belly on a low table and the other girls have to bind her, so she can’t move too much. The coach gives the girl a severe whipping on her bare ass with the jumping-belt, while the other girls have to watch. After he has finished her punishment, the second girl has to lay down on the table and now it’s her turn to become a red ass. As the coach is ready, the girls have to stand up for 30 minutes and he leaves the room. When he returns, the girls are still standing in their positions, so he is feeling well and dismisses them.

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