In a world where genetic mutants posess super natural powers, some mutants have decided to serve society with protection…while other mutants have banded together in order to profit from society…Young Pinky has been training with Crimson for some time now and Crimson is responsible for giving her direction and focus…but now that Pinky’s mutant powers are growing, she has attracted attention from other mutant gangs…Riot and Teeya meet Pinky on her way home, in an effort to recruit her…Pinky goes to Crimson for counsel but leaves without heeding her advice…Pinky decides to join Riot’s gang…but she soon finds out that she has been misled…Riot’s thugs bind her and strip her…then she is flogged…not only for Riot’s enjoyment, but also to lure Crimson to his lair…Crimson senses Pinky’s predicament and sets off to save her…Pinky is left bound and naked, but one of the thugs hasn’t quenched his thirst for her naked submission…Will Crimson be trapped with Pinky or will she prevail against the thugs? Find out next week…

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