This footage comes from a time before I had even launched SocietySM…if you can believe it, this even pre-dates our use of vibrators and dildos on shoots…and if my memory serves me, there wasn’t anyone doing any scenes of that nature with bondage…why? Fear mostly…of jail…but it changed quickly, and just shortly after this shoot…I remember the controversy…So many folks still refused to even remove a bound model’s panties, let alone finger, dildo or vibe thier pussy…the term forced orgasm hadnt even been uttered yet and sex was still years away…The industry was very model focused and Jewell Marceau was one of the top models to shoot…I tell you what…Jewell is still a a beautiful woman, but ten years ago, she was a walking heart attack…So few models we shoot have her charm and beauty…She loved to play the damsel role and no one did it better…You’ll notice the play is fairly light, but the bondage is good and tight…this shoot also pre-dates the popular use of hemp rope, but the white poly was just fine for tying those tits…I used straps to drill her into the floor, and in the last scene I introduce some TENS pussy play…Jewell was very nervous about it…but her raging sweetness only makes nervous look beautiful…and that’s exactly what I was going for…and still am to this day…I hope you all enjoy the re-release of this Redux footage…

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