Year of manufacture:2010
Genre: bdsm, Bondage, Fetish, SiteRip
In roles:Elise
Elise, still roped up by the neck to the ceiling and standing on her tip toes in spite of her book, has just been caned before her feeding. While she works to pull herself together for dinner I go to fetch her meal. Oceans of slobber run out of her double gagged mouth and fully coat the whole of her torso. She’s doing her best to suck it up. I spill her spaghetti noodles into the dog bowl positioned in front of her tippy toe feet and then pour sauce onto them. She’s made to wait until the noodles have become cold before she can eat. And since she has a little time to kill waiting on that food to get cold her book is taken away from her. Immediately she begins to choke. Her feet are arched as high as she can get them as she coughs through her gag and tries to free her airway. That’s when I flog her nipples -and I mean hard. She tries to dance away from it but the rope is to taunt around her neck, her movement too restricted. She cries. A long string of slobber seems to be permanently affixed from her gagged mouth to her chest, swinging all the time as she tries her best to get away from me. She just screams now. Blood curling screams. She even stopped trying to get away, resigned to her predicament. At times she doesn’t make a sound, but you see it building inside her and then it comes on. It burst out of that gagged face hole with desperation and suffering, with an ear piercing shriek of need for me to stop. And yet, it continues. She’s all fucked up again and we haven’t even started dinner yet. Tears fall so big you can hear them smack the floor. She’s given a minute to pull herself together, her arms placed into and elbow harness and then she is taken down and de-gagged for dinner. She almost collapses to the ground when the rope around her neck is removed. She barely gets out an audible “thank you” through her gagged pie hole. When the gags are removed she can hardly move her mouth. And that constant, thick string of slobber she can’t seem to get off her chin. She’s exhausted. She can’t even open her eyes and her mouth just hangs ajar. She isn’t given any reprieve and told to get down on her face and start eating her dinner. Because of the tight crotch rope she finds this very difficult to do. But she manages and soon has her messy, slobbery face in the dog bowl. It took her several minutes but she was a very Good Girl eating all of her dinner. Then she’s made to get her filthy mattress down off the wall and to lay upon it in The Fucking Position. Once her crotch rope is removed she is then caned on her ass with a giant cane. The first strike leaves her speechless for a crazy amount of time. She just seems to fold into herself. Her mouth wide open with no sound coming out. Her eyes are slammed shut and the grimace, the levels of grimace washing across her pained face lets you know yeah, that hurt. It took her a really, really long time to recover from just that one strike. And when she saw I was about to strike her again I heard her quickly and quietly say, “oh my god”. This time she could not even remain in The Fucking Position. She reeled back quickly with a desperate scream of anguish and pain, her body shaking. She had to be held down while she had a heaving sobbing fit of tearful convulsions. She did make it through the caning, only to have her ass stuffed with a large dildo and then caned again while she holds it. In the end, she’s fucked with Big Blue to collapse.

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