Emily Addison & House of Gord finally together in this video shot at Boundcon in Munich, Germany! Gord puts Emily in a gorgeous mesh catsuit. She puts on her shiny ballet boots and he laces her into a tight corset. She walks to her device and kneels on it. He has already attached electro pads to her ass cheeks. He straps her legs, froggy style, and slips her arms into a leather armbinder. She’s completely immobilized now, except for her head. A large black dildo is in perfect allignment with her mouth and her small pink lips wrap around it. Gord instructs Emily that when the light turns green she must suck on the dildo and the vibrator that is pressed against her clit will continue to buzz. If the light turns red, she must switch from sucking and start blowing on the cock. If she messes up, the vibrator will shut off and she will be violently shocked by the tens unit. Emily plays the game, but how many times will she mess up, and how many orgasms is she going to give herself?!

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