Year: 2001
Genre: Femdom Bondage Rubber / Latex Fetish
Length: 1:46:12
Directed by: Peter W. Czernich
Studio: Marquis
Starring: Stacey, Emily Marilyn, Rubber Eva, Serpila, Luzi Lee, Rubberella

Description: The first two parts of this elaborate trilogy rank among the best selling fetish videos ever.
Finally, the long awaited Part III sets out to top them all.
Foremost though, we learn more about that mysterious,
bizarre institute, where young women are being educated by all fetishistic means,
and transformed into the perfect beings straight out of a fetishist’s wet dream:
rubber dolls, plastic puppets, rubber nurses, French maids, ponygirls,
bondagettes, megaboobed bimbos … There are bizarre lectures in the kinky
classroom, painful dormitory controls, and even a real exam and graduation ceremony.
Quality: VHSRip

File size: 830.8 MB