Starring: Niki, Tanya, Kelli, Igor, Flora, Dr. Ticklestein, Count Tickula

Categories: Fetish, BDSM, Foot, Tickling
Studio: Calstar

Tied and Tickled – Once again the game is afoot at the castle estate of the long deceased Dr. Tiklestein. Now his grandson has abandoned his successful medical practice to carry on the endless search for the elusive t-spot. And “carry on” he does! With two lovely subjects strapped to tables, rack and other bizarre castle furniture, he probes, prods, and tickles his way to immortality while desperate damsels in bondage laugh and cry their way into sweet oblivion. With the aid of his delightfully deformed assistant, Igor the Third, the young Dr. Tiklestein valiantly carries on in the family tradition. And the T-spot will never be the same again! Tickling Assignment – Niki has entered an agency that deals with tickling and bondage fetishes. She must first submit to Flora’s expert bondage teachings. Then upon completion she try’s it upon Flora. The method however is not quite perfected and she must repeat her lessons more than once, each time moving to different quarters. Before you know it she will be going on her own missions. Tied & Tickled 14 – For fans of the undead, this tickler takes place in Transylvania under the watchful cape of Count Tickula. It is here that barmaid soon disappear once they are hired, and comprise the legions of the undead… Tied & Tickled 19 – At the Paris Opera House a ballerina is abducted by the Tickler of the Opera and decides to bind, strip and suspend his lovely ladies. They are taking from various theatres and soon learn what bringing down the house really means. Tanya Tickles – Kelli and attractive blonde invites her best friend Tanya over for some ties and tickles with some wrestling thrown in for kicks. At times partially clothed and sometimes completely naked they in the fun that ropes and feathers can bring!.

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