In this scifi porno film, we find hot sexy babe Lana White adventuring in the galactic dead zone. This is the area towards the center of the galactic where the time has stopped. Hot sexy Warrior Lana was investigating one of the abundant spaceships, looking for hiding Trimon spies, when she saw a strange looking pool full with green slime. Lana approached the pool and sensed that her muscles are getting numb. Brave babe Lana could not control her body anymore. She dropped her SciFi sword and fell in the swamp. At first she was disgusted, but once slime covered her body she felt comfortable and strange sexual desires sparkled in her mind. Little did she know that the alien slime was preparing her for the nasty Trimon tentacles waiting to trap her. Stay tuned for part2. This is another alien tentacle video series produced by Mistress Ania.
Format: mpg
Resolution: 1440×1080
Runtime: 12 min.
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