Heather Vandeven isnt a bad person — shes just the victim of exaggerated self-esteem. So when she spends a few days visiting her one-time college friend Claire Adams, Heather naturally spends most of the time talking about her favorite subject: Heather Vandeven! Already irritated by Heathers shameless egotism, Claire snaps when the babbling blonde boasts about her numerous male conquests during her short stay in Claires hometown. In fact, Heather pointedly informs Claire that Brad, the hottest guy of all, will be picking her up in a few minutes for an exciting night out — while Claire will obviously be spending yet another evening in front of the tube!
Unfortunately for Heather, Claire is both a powerful young woman and a mistress of the bondage arts! Determined to quiet her mouthy guest, Claire pins Heather to her chair, gags her, and restrains the shocked glamour girl with an impressively demonstration of ropecraft! Knocking at the door signals the arrival of Brad for his date, but Heathers feeble cries through her gag fail to reach his ear and he departs while Claire continues to bind her captive tighter and tighter!
And Claires revenge has just begun! During the hours that follow, Heather undergoes a nightmarish lifetime of rigorous nude bondage: the shapely blonde doll becomes a spinning ornament when Claire suspends her and uses an ankle rope to give her a lesson in flight; shes punished with a strict hogtie spiced by a taut rope connecting her blonde tresses and bare feet; then Heathers forced outdoors where Claire snares her into a kneeling bondage with breasts exposed for teasing and legs spread!
But its the surprising conclusion to Heathers predicament that may finally win her your sympathy! Lets just say that as the sun goes down, the naked beautys gagged and bound to a palm tree while Claires looking happier than shes been for a long time!

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