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Release: 2004

Slender, sexy 322 is put to the Insex test by Cyd, the Insex apprentice, whose terrible work it is to tie, torture, and fuck her.

Bound into a partial hogtie, 322 languishes and chokes, her face going a bit purplish. Afterward, thighs tied to ankles, a septum clamp holds her up on her knees. This clamp is so disagreeable to 322 that she immediately agrees to be choked instead. Silly girl! Nipple clamps, caning of her breasts, inner thighs, and feet, and a pussy flogging that leaves her cunt bright red. Hot wax drips onto her breasts, inner thighs, and pussy. 322 is fucked and vibrated. In the end, she’s bound into a killer hogtie, her elbows touching in back, a hook in her nose, and her hands wrapped and taped.

Excruciating, delightful torment.

Format: avi

Duration: 00:45:37

Resolution: 320 x 240


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