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Release: 2004

When caroline returns to Insex, it’s all fun and games – with a sharp sadistic twist. She’s burned at the stake, treated like a doll, turned into an arts and crafts project (blood sports anyone?), and becomes a bulls-eye for water balloons. For the finale, she’s hung upside down. Her widened cunt becomes a fount. She is wet down and caned.

It’s cowboy and Indians time, and she gets to be burned at the stake. She looks so pretty and self-assured bound to the pole with a grouping of candles placed beneath her feet. But then flames are torched toward her feet. Not to worry, nothing catches fire but the matches tied between her toes.

As a doll, she’s tied so that she does the splits. Isn’t that what Barbie dolls are for? No problem for Barbie. But then weights are hung upon her nipple rings. Her clit ring is bound upward to her toes. Mr. Pogo takes this opportunity to pierce her. After an invigorating fuck, Mr. Pogo is propped that way, inside of her.

A beautifully executed hogtie begins the period of arts and crafts. Decorative pins are plunged into the soft pale flesh of her ass. Soon her ass cheeks are dual pin cushions. Handfuls of needles with little tinkling bells adorn her breasts. She breaks into a sweat. The needles on her ass are punched out, splattering blood. She gleefully licks her blood off the fist. It trickles down her breasts in bright red streaks. Blood is smeared across her mouth.

An inverted suspension seems right for fun with water balloons. But when a high pressure spray blasts her nipples and pussy, caroline seems not so filled with glee. A speculum widens her cunt into an open hole. A ring is placed in her mouth to hold open her second hole. Water flows continuously into her cunt from above, filling and flushing, running down her body into her face. She convulses periodically and water wells out of her cunt. This is the moment when the cane appears. A cane on wet flesh is wicked and evil – the perfect end game for an excursion into childhood. She is quiet at first, but then bursts into deep sobs. Her nipples are caned and tweaked. A leather strop goes into action, slapping her breasts. For a special treat, a vibrator with cute little rabbit ears is pushed into her cunt. But it’s too late, she’s balling and screaming by this time. Which only goes to show that child’s play isn’t always fun, except for the sadist, of course.

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