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Release: 2005

In Part 1 of her live feed, 922 completely looses it over what looks to be the simplest of scenes – a dunking in a cage. Nothing but a little water, right? Yet in part 2, tough girl takes a caning that would drive most men to their knees. She eats pain like candy, like she’s in love.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Part 2 begins with 922 still strapped into the chair. Clamps pinch onto her labia and nipples then tied to her toes and the back of the chair. The soles of her feet are caned wickedly without pause. But it’s just a warm-up for more to come. He suctions her clit and ties it off with a loop of cord. Taut, shiny and bright pink, 922’s clit goes raw. She yelps at the lightest brush of the fingers. PD zaps her with “sparky”?, a shocking device. The clamps are removed from her nipples, sucking her deeper into sub-space. Now when he rubs her clit, she giggles because it tickles.

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Duration: 00:44:28

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