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Release: 2003

Ingenue. An artless, innocent young girl.

And how would such an artless, innocent young girl cope with the rigors of an Insex testing procedure? In this piece, the ingenue is sorely tried. Her youthful innocence is swamped in a sea of wood, metal, and rope.

She begins by sitting on a stool, shackled by the neck to a vertical pole, The stool is soon removed. In an artless fashion, she states that it is “kind of scary”. After she is kneeling with her wrists bound behind her to the pole, her tennis shoes and white socks are removed. Now comes the first true difficulty. Her ankles are tied up to her wrists, so that all of her weight bears down upon her young, innocent knees.

Smoke is blown in her face. She is taunted. When accepting an offer of water, she is instead doused with it. She is shocked into the reality of her predicament. Rough hands feel her crotch. Her simple dress is pulled down and her nipples pinched.

Now she is brought up on her toes by raising the shackle attached to her collar. She is slapped in the face. She is punched. He steps on her toes. She is fitted with the spider gag and taunted with a menacing black dildo, then slapped in the face with the dildo before it is thrust through the ring of the gag and into her young, innocent mouth. Drool runs from her chin, wetting her stomach now that the dress is gone. Once the dildo is adequately wet, it forces its way into her artless crotch.

When the ingenue is tied with one leg raised, she giggles, peeing in her cute pink underwear that is dotted with girlish red hearts. The panties are cut off and stuffed into her mouth. Mr. Pogo defiles her cunt and is braced against the floor. The vibrator does its work. After she comes, her clit drools from her orgasm.

To work off her youthful energy, he binds her upper body in a Japanese-style harness and utilizes a cane to “encourage” her to walk on her toes while shackled to an arm of the pole.

She is then molded to the final “station”, a complicated arrangement of 5 posts and a wooden grate. She is immobilized in a position that leaves her vulnerable to intrusion. Even her toes are tied and a nose hook is utilized to keep her head in place. Her nipples are suctioned and the fucking machine is put to work. This time, she begs to come, her youthful impatience bubbling over.

He changes her position, mirroring the first, so that her ass is uplifted and her arms pulled back as though she is winged. A hook goes into her ass. The pig gag keeps her mouth wide. Her toes are tied once more so that her feet can be poked and prodded. Her paddling, a series of loud whaps, leaves her ass with two bright red cheeks in place of her girlish panties with pretty red hearts.

In the final predicament, she must keep her leg raised lest a crotch rope slice into her young, but now, not so innocent, pussy. She whimpers and cries. He taunts her again, insinuating he should raise her leg higher. She pleads for mercy.

In the end, he and brings out the vibrator to remind her that her innocence is long gone.

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