Video + full photoset

Release: 2004

62’s long ordeal (aided and abetted by 912) runs the gamut of edgy BDSM, from rope and leather bondage to whipping and caning to forced penetration and machine fucking, all real-time action compiled from the live broadcast of October 6, 2004.

62’s Live Feed begins where Return of the brat ended, with 62 hooded and chained spreadeagle on the floor of the barn. Her first trial tests her learning curve. It only takes a couple of whacks with the cane before 62 has learned the lesson. But before long, cane strokes fall fast and furious all over her body. After 912 is chained on top of her, 62 gets tickled. A sudden upheaval of female flesh topples 912 to the side. PD takes the opportunity to finger fuck the two of them simultaneously.

More caning and rope bondage follow. The two girls wriggle and worm about, trying to escape, using their mouths and teeth.

The next set of scenes ramp up the action. 62’s pussy is tortured by the sharp edge of the birdhouse. As she’s singletailed by Cyd, 912 is locked by her neck to a post and made to artfully use her mouth on PD. Nipple clamps, a hot takedown scene, penetration with a wooden dildo that looks like a howitzer shell, more mouth-fucking, dildo-fucking, and good old fucking fucking end up in orgasms for both girls.

For the finale, 62 is bound upon her back, legs up and spread. A machine fucks her cunt, milking tubes suck at her fruitful nipples, and a gas mask covers her nose and mouth. During a great mindfuck, 62 freaks when she believes she’ll be forced to drink piss.

As the action winds down, 62’s distended nipples are rimmed with drips of milk.

Format: avi

Duration: 01:29:39

Resolution: 320 x 240


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