Bijou is stripped down and naked. She’s been tied with her legs extended as wide as possible. Her arms are bound together and over her head, pulled taunt. She’s gagged with a dental gag so her mouth is opened to its very max. Big Blue on a fuck stick is mounted in her cunt. She’s been there awhile and then suddenly she gets a giant, opaque sheet of thin plastic pulled over her. As I seal it to the floor she starts to freak. She babbles out something…something about whether or not she’ll be able to breathe. Her entire body is completely covered and the thin plastic sheet is sealed to the floor with duct tape. She grows worried as a fuck stick comes out and begins to rub itself on her cunt and face. She has a cloudy, murky, ethereal look to her beneath the plastic as she sucks in that hot, stuffy air. She is flogged, clamped and smothered before being allowed to have an orgasm –and when she is given permission to cum -just as she starts into it- the vibrator is taken away and she is left to her own devices.
She is nude save for her black heels. She is on one leg. The other is bound with the knee pulled up high above her waist. Her arms are pulled out and up behind her. Her elbows tied together. Big Blue on a fuck stick is mounted in her cunt and duct taped to her one standing leg. She’s just waiting. Dealing. Right away she gets an ass flogging until she screams out and begins to cry. Then she is ordered to do a 360 degree turn for us, on that one leg. She gets ball gagged so we don’t have to hear her screams anymore. Then the one leg supporting her is lifted off the ground and tied off above her. Now she’s just floating in air, swinging in a somewhat crouched position. When her dildo gets stuffed a little farther in she moans with pleasure. But when her nipples get clamped she screams. She hates them, but not enough to forgo them over an orgasm. She is pushed hard and then twisted –sending her into a pendulum swing that leaves her terribly dizzy. To bring her mind back to the here and now she gets several hard blows from the flogger onto her ass. When the Hitachi hits her box she moans out in satisfaction. I make her tell me thru that ball gag how good it feels to her cunt. When she is ready to cum I have her ask you, The Viewer, for permission. Denied. When she finally is given that permission, when it comes over her, her entire body is racked with convulsions before stiffing out as she moans thru her ball gag how goddamn good it feels. When she’s done pushing it out she’s pushed and spun around to dizziness. Note: Not shown, but she immediately threw up afterwards.
Butt naked except for those sweet black heels. Rope circles her above and below the breasts, around her pelvis and her ankles and just above her knees. A rope runs from her chest harness to the ceiling. Multiple lengths of rope run away from her body and are tied off to the floor, ceiling and walls. She’s held immobile. Her arms are pulled up behind her and tied off. A ring gag keeps her face hole open. She’s shaking. Her one leg shakes so badly she has to keep her knee locked. I slip in behind her and start flogging her ass before she knows what’s happening. Then her breasts, followed by the tops of her heel clad feet. She just keeps screaming out, the ring gag keeping her mouth open and adding an extra dimension of desperation to her face as she begins to weep. At this point I can smell her cunt, her sex. When I grab a belt she starts to wail in anticipation. She thinks I’m going to beat her with it. Instead, I’m going to cinch it around her neck and choke her off. Within seconds her face grows red and appears as though it will pop. Then she’s subjected to the beating all over again. When that Hitachi hits her cunt you see the wash over her. Her eyes get heavy and she moan out a “thank you”. I make her tell me what her holes are good for. That she’s a cum receptacle. And when that orgasm needs to come over her she has to tell us why she deserves to have one.

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