Naked and bound to a heavy wooden post she sits on a small block of wood attached to it. Her feet do not touch the ground. Her arms are bound back behind her and around the post. A thick black collar wraps around her neck and the wood. She’s already sweating from her arm pits as JR comes around to turn on the electrical power her pussy is sitting atop. The moment it comes on she starts to suck wind and grunt. When he ask her if she can feel it she tells him, “Fuck yeah!” JR walks back to get the single tail and returns to start laying into her chest. After the third strike she looks at him and says, “Fuck you.” He pays attention to those nipples, striking them repeatedly.

She’d told him she can cum from having them played with. After the fifth strike she’s grunting hard and her faceis a contortion of pain. Her breathing is so rapid it sounds like she’s hyperventilating. It is almost more thanshe can handle. He stops and rubs her clit and then lays right back into her nipples. She tries to rub them as sheis pushed to her limit. She begs him to turn down the electricity, her body now glistening with a sweaty sheen. Hetells her to look at you, The Viewer, and ask for it to stop. She belts it out, “It’s too much electricity!!!” Heturns it down for her and then starts back in on her chest. She immediately tells him, “Fuck you!” She repeats itover and over after each strike to her breasts. When her pussy gets struck she promptly changes her tune, “I likethat”. Her chest is littered with red welts as he walks over to her and demands that she grab his cock and strokeit. When he finally puts a vibrator on her clit she immediately gasp. Her vocabulary is riddled with words like,”Fuck”, “Shit”, “I’m trying to hold it”. Within just a few seconds she’s ready to cum and tells him, “Let me cum”.

He corrects her on the proper way to ask for it. It takes her a few tries to get it right and then all breathy anddesperate she ask, “Please let me cum”. When she does it comes over her so strong it seems to drain all of herenergy. Then suddenly she is cursing him again. He won’t stop. Her pussy is not in her control any longer. Shecouldn’t stave off the orgasm if she had too. She is made to cum over and over again until her and her pussy areexhausted. It is complete sensory overload for her. She doesn’t know if she should curse him or thank him then shegoes into an expletive laden tirade. She simply can’t stop cumming.

Nude and bound with her elbows behind her back she sits on her knees in front of Luther. When she is told toplease him she gets right on it. Right away she goes for as far down his shaft as she can get it. Four inchesseemed to be nothing for her, in spite of the tears that start running down each of her cheeks. She gags ever soslightly at first but has no trouble ignoring it. She presses down harder and gets almost five inches. A large wadof slobber finds its way out of the bottom of her mouth and runs down her chin –that kind of slobber that comesfrom down deep with high viscosity to it. It can be heard smacking the floor beneath her. It is a lot of girth-ycock in her face hole. Finally she pulls back and coughs, collecting herself. Fluid is now coming from every holein her face. He tells her to face fuck it and she immediately does so, a long strand of slobber swinging back andforth from the shaft. She struggles with it now, coughing and gagging repeatedly, all the while wet, squishysounds come from her mouth and throat. Her face is a mess. Thick lines of snot roll down her upper lip and collectwith the tears and slobber already there. She’s trying hard to get that five inches.Nude and in a strappado she stands waiting. A tight crotch rope separates her cunt lips and ass cheeks. JR comesaround behind her and puts a ring gag in her face hole. Her tongue immediately starts searching around in hermouth. She’s never been gagged before. She can’t seem to stop snaking it around. Once she’s gagged JR startsfeeling her up and then moves down to her cunt and rubs the rope over her clit. He backs up and starts in with asingle tail on her ass cheeks. At first it doesn’t seem to bother her to much, then suddenly a wash of sounds come from her face. She picks a leg up and tries to shake off the sting and then lets out a, “Fuck”. He pushes heruntil she can’t take another strike. He walks over to her and spreads her ass cheeks apart and exposes her asshole and cunt, the rope running right over each. He makes her wink the brown hole at him. Afterward he stands up and
ask her, “Why does that ass need to be punished?” She says something unintelligible so he makes her say it again,slobber dripping from her mouth. Then he pops her hard on the ass. She shakes it and tries to mitigate the sting.

He pushes it until her breathing is rapid and desperate. She begs him to stop but he just moves up to her back.
Sweat is coursing from her arm pits and running down her sides. He has her tell him about her titties and thenasks her if they need to be punished as well. She tells him yes and he immediately lays into them. He pays closeattention to the nipples themselves and soon she is dancing around in an effort to avoid the whip. He has herstand on one leg to keep her in place and then pushes her limits. Soon she has angry red welts across her chestand a look of desperation and anguish across her ring gagged face. He comes back to her and puts his hand over hercunt and asks her if she masturbates. She tells him yes and that she always uses her hand. He puts his nose in her arm pit and takes a deep whiff then rubs her sweat across her face. The Hitachi gets pressed against the rope over her clit and she almost is unable to stand. Almost immediately she ask for permission to cum, practically unable to get it out. He yells at her to stare at you, The Viewer, and ask again. When she does so with great desperation she’s told to ask again like a normal person. But it’s just too much for her and the orgasm cums washing over. Her eyes get glassy and then squinty as he yells at her to keep staring at you, The Viewer. The moment her orgasm is over she starts dancing around, trying to get the vib off her cunt, a long strand of slobber hanging from her
upper lip. Then she’s right back in the headspace, unable to stave off how good it feels. In no time she needs to cum again, her tongue dancing in her face hole, her eyes looking but not with us. She is completely unable to control herself, her sex. She curses him even while she is cumming. She is absolutely beside herself with orgasms, cumming over and over again, getting physically weaker by the moment. When he finally finishes with her pussy the word weak doesn’t even come close to describing her state. Her entire body is shimmering from sweat. But now it is time to punish her for enjoying herself.

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