She is naked with a bag over her head. Affixed to a heavy wooden post with her legs doubled over and drawn up so that she is suspended off the floor. Her arms, her wrists are tied high above her head. She cannot lower her legs nor the pressure upon her torso. The bag over her head allows no sensory perception away from her body. She has no what is in store for her. A phallic object in the shape of a hand on a pole sits nearby. Her chest heaves up and down, through the rope winding about her body, as she struggles to breathe. When JR appears he approaches her with a clear oval cylinder that he places on her sex. He pumps it up and her cunt quickly becomes sucked into the container, a prison, a pussy prison. She moans out from the discomfort. He leaves only to return with two more cylinders –one for each nipple. Once her entire areola and nipple have been sucked deep into the tubes he leaves her momentarily. When he comes back he focuses on discovering where she is most ticklish. Finding the bottom of her feet ripe territory, he moves up her sides and into her armpits –all of which she finds sensitive to the touch..

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