54 year old MILF Ellie wanted to spend an afternoon tied up. But she never seems to like what JR wants to do with her. When she showed up he immediately placed her in a box tie and then put a heavy metal collar around her neck. She didn’t like that. She liked it even less when he chained her to the floor and left her awhile. By the time he gets back she’s begging him for some food. He tells her the only way she is going to be fed is if she gets off her ass and starts sucking that giant cock attached to the post. She manages her way over to it but she has to pull hard on the chain and collar to fully reach it. When she does a terrible job at it JR brings her back some cold oatmeal to eat from a dog bowl. She eats a small bite and then complains about it. The only way she is going to get something satisfying to eat is to do a better job at cock sucking.

Ellie finds herself up in the attic in a partial worm tie waiting on a old, dirty mattress. When JR comes up to check on her he really wants to fondle and fuck her cunt. He pulls her pink bra down to reveal those MILF titties and begins fondling them as well as her pussy. He pulls her up into his lap to get a better vantage point and then gags her as well. When he finishes rubbing her cunt and tits he pushes her away and pulls down her panties. Grabbing The White Boy he plunges it deep inside her vagina, her fur box already wet inside. Fucking her hard he abruptly pulls it out and then wipes it across her face. Again, she isn’t happy about that. Then POP, back in her cunt and a forceful fucking ensues. Every time he feels like her cunt has been pounded well enough he pulls out fast and wipes all of her pussy juice onto her ball gagged face. When he tires of fondling and fucking her he rolls her onto her stomach, spreads her ass cheeks and installs an ass hook. Once he has it tied in deep he rolls her back over to spend the rest of the night fucked and plugged.

The next day JR has bound Ellie by the wrists and neck to a heavy wooden railroad tie suspended from the ceiling. When he comes in to address her he has a giant spool of saran wrap. He heads straight for her and begins to wrap her naked body tightly to the railroad tie. He wraps her entire body save for her breasts. Before he leaves he cuts a hole where her cunt is and presses a Hitachi into it. Then he wraps the area again ensuring that the head of the Hitachi stays firmly planted into her clit. Before he leaves to fetch a whip he turns it on and she immediately drops her jaw and moans in pleasure. But the pleasure is short-lived as he begins to tear into her with a single tail whip. Every time she gets close to an orgasm –that she refuses to ask permission for– JR cranks up the pain. It ultimately becomes too much for her and she pulls off a heady orgasm that she is punished for.

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