JR has placed Sammi in a cage nude and hungry. Before doing so he doubled her arms over and bound them. Now she tries to get at the food she has been given in a dog bowl, soup. She received soup because JR knows she has a strong aversion to that of food. She doesn’t want it but she knows she had better eat it. She tries to reach it where it sits on top of the cage near where her head pokes out at the top. Her doubled over arms give her limited movement. She tries to reach into the bowl but it is too tall for her to get her hand inside to pull the soup noodles out. Eventually, she catches the bowl by the rim and is able to pick it up and get it inside the cage with her. Once she has it in her lap she pulls a single noodle from the bowl and tries to eat it. Immediately she gags as though she’d swallowed a maggot.

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