We now find Sophia nude, her arms bound together up over her head. She’s on her butt, torso tied to a wooden pallet. Her legs are spread and pulled back. Her ankles tied off to the pallet as well, above her head. She’s just sitting there exposed, waiting. When Angel appears she lets Sophia know how beautiful she is. How splayed out her body is. Then she proceeds to place a very small, nasty clothespin on the bridge between her sinuses, bringing a tear to one eye. Then she places row after row of clothespins on her giant 38G breasts. As the number of pins increases so does Ms. St. James’s obvious discomfort. Angel takes time to move her sinus clothespin around to annoy her and then adds an additional one. As she tries to hold back the tears Angel takes the cane and severely whacks the back of both thighs. She doesn’t hold back. Then, before the last two strikes have time to fade, she strikes her again across her ass cheeks and hole. Immediately a mark appears on that chocolate brown skin. Sophia begins to break down. She tries hard not to. She tries to maintain her composure but when Angel starts digging her fingers into the cane stroke marks she can’t stave it off any longer. And then Angel begins ripping the clothespins from her breasts. Sophia is crying out continuously now as large tears fall down her cheeks. To add to her humiliation she places a cheek retractor in Sophia’s mouth. That’s followed by an electrical plug in her ass and a funnel in her cunt for inserting Pop Rocks candy. Once the candy gets in her box it starts to ooze a pink liquid out. After vibbing her clit off she takes a long, white candy bar and lays it between her pussy lips before stuffing it in her cunt. She fucks her with it. Then turns up the power in her ass until she screams out. That white candy bar disappears between her warm brown skin and into the pink recess of her cunt. She then douches the Pop Rocks from her cunt with Coco Cola. The reaction between the Coke and the Pop Rocks sends a torrent of fluid from her cunt like an ejecting volcano. Angel then starts to vigorously fuck her with the candy bar again, coating it with the substances in her cunt. Angel begins vibbing her with the Hitachi. Within a couple of minutes a large piece of the candy bar emerges from her cunt and falls to the floor. Angel picks it up and feeds it to Sophia. There is an ocean of fluids sitting at the bottom of Sophia’s cunt as Angel takes Big Black and severely fucks her cunt while vibbing her off with the Hitachi at the same time. Tears run from each eye. Angel has her repeating, “Fuck me like the whore that I am” over and over as the dildo reams her hole. When Sophia finally cums the sound she makes is one continuous scream for mercy.
Finally, we find Sophia bound in a lotus position. Her arms are in a box tie and she is bent slightly at the back. A neck rope to her feet keep her from raising herself back. She is ball gagged and sitting up in the dank, dirty attic. It’s really just a test to see how long she can sit there. How long she can put up with her discomfort, the inability to change her position, how it affects her back. The forward lean of her body insures lots of drool falls from her face hole. And it does. We can see her trying to collect it, to catch it before it falls by attempting to slip her tongue beneath the ball gag –but to no avail. It still falls with a smack to the floor. As time moves on she grows increasingly uncomfortable. Her breathing changes, she starts to grunt at times. She makes impossible attempts to adjust herself. Her big, giant breasts take up most of her lap as she is leaned forward. She keeps raising her head in an effort to assuage the distress. The drooling is now incessant. She becomes increasingly audible and antsy. She starts to rock back and forth. She isn’t going to last much longer…

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