Studio: Close-Up Concepts

Leon (Jon Woods) grabs Lisa (Lorelei, aka Kristine Imboch) and drags her into the shadows as Zeke (Chase Brocco) pushes the camera into her surprised face. She tries to kick the lens as a gag is between her teeth and shes roped up and tossed into a waiting van!

Lisas entire ordeal is shown this way, with one fiend tying and gagging while the other ogles the action with a camcorder.

When Leon makes the ransom call he lets Lisa do some muffled pleading into the phone. Afterward they have some time to kill, so of course Lisas blouse is pulled open so Leon can fondle the goods. Next shes secured for a long drive, during which her clothes are peeled even further.

At the hideout, Lisas roped to a chair for the night. Left all alone, she recalls a time, some years ago, when a stranger tried to abduct her. That time she managed to escape and ran barefoot up seven flights of concrete stairs to safety. If only she could find such an opportunity this time! Eventually, sleep overtakes the exhausted captive.

The next day, to Lisas utter mortification, the guys amuse themselves by roping a buzzing vibrator between her legs! She resists with all the strength she can muster from her exhausted body but ultimately, she loses control and surrenders to an intense, jaw-locking Orgasm!

Later in the evening, poor Lisa finds herself back in the van, re-dressed but barefoot, rolling around as the guys discuss the ransom pickup. Will the money be there? Will they her safe and sound? And will they film it all with their handy camcorder so that we too can see what happens?

Format: avi
Duration: 1:08:18
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