Ashley gets her “first taste” of BIG rubber balls, ring-gags, and TIGHT ACE bandage gags in this hour-long SPI-Cam video. Ahsley is no longer a rookie, so SEETHER removes the training wheels and puts SPI’s newest find through her paces. Ashley starts the day with hands cuffed over her head on a pole and bit-gagged, then she is bound in rope on the poke in her first topless scene. A nylon leopard-print cat-suit is next, and she is bound in leather with a locking collar, BIG RED BALL, and the armbinder. After some time on her knees, blindfolded and ring-gagged, she assumes the role of a nurse – complete with hat and KEDS, and is bound, stripped, and exposed wearing cuffs, bound to a chair & gagged with a TIGHT ACE bandage!

File size: 346.7 MB