Release Year: 2010
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Video language: English

When we first see her she is nude and nose hooked. She is hanging from a post, arms drawn upward and tied off. Her legs, too, are drawn up at the knees and tied off. She is suspended. Within moments a fuck stick is lodged in her cunt. She can’t do anything about it. She is left like that for awhile, on display, before being ring gagged with the biggest ring gag that would fit in her face hole. Then she’s left there again. When she is finally addressed she gets her big toe tied off to the post and then interrogated about her masturbation practices –what she thinks about when doing it, how often, her favorite fantasies. She can barely talk. Or maybe she can’t talk at all –its hard to tell. Mostly you just see desperation on her face, or a giant opening where her mouth should be. After interrogating her about her most personal shit I land the Hitachi directly onto her cunt. Right on her cunt clit. She moans and grunts a few times like a whore, relinquishing herself to what feels good. She even starts to fuck the fuck stick, raising and lowering her body as best she can to work the dead dick inside of her cunt. Then suddenly we hear her say in a mumbled, fucked up way with that ring gag –"Please!" WTF? Are you asking permission to cum? "May I please have an orgasm?" is what I think she asked right after that. But it was truly hard to tell given that big fucking ring gag in her face hole. Denied. Instead, I had her tell me what her holes are good for. When she was finally given permission she came so hard she pissed herself. I had to grab a bucket to catch it in. And there was so much of it that for the first time ever I had my Hitachi ruined. I made her apologize for that.
INow we find her naked on the floor. She’s tied on her belly, rope around her neck with a bowling ball attached to the other end keeps her head held high. Her wrists are pulled forward and tied off, arms fully extended. One leg, its ankle, is drawn outward and tied. The other leg is doubled over on itself and belted that way –then pulled in an opposite direction. Her hair is tied to its foot. Another rope draws that foot away from her head by the small toe. She’s slowly choking when we find her. Her pussy is clearly dripping liquid from it. Part of a peach lies close by. And that’s how we leave her, struggling for breath, watching her in her desperation. Observing her like a zoo animal in a cage. She works for every breath, every swallow she has to make. It doesn’t take long before we see moisture well up in the corner of one eye. Her face is stark and red. She’s needy –not just for her cunt but for easily breathable air. When the Hitachi hits her pussy she freaks. But she quickly acclimates herself. Her bottom lip is dry, she’s desperate. She suddenly notices the camera and what is taking place around her. But she continues to grunt like the needy cunt that she is. Her pussy is stuffed and she wants more. The Hitachi is removed, her fuck stick dislodged and a plate sat down in front of her cunt. She’s told to push out the peach that’s been sitting up in there for the last hour. Once it emerges from her hole and hits the plate she is immediately told to eat it. Doing so must have been disgusting for her as she choked, coughed and almost threw it up. She is then ball gagged and left that way.
She is naked. Positioned over a dildo mounted in the floor she has it stuffed in her cunt while crouched on top of two 6×6 posts. Her wrists are pulled high above her head and tied off. Her legs doubled over and belted. She can’t get off the dildo. A vibrator attached to the dildo hums away on her clit. She seems to be enjoying herself, a slight smile on her face as she humps the dead cock. A ball gag is tightly strapped into her face hole. A rope around her neck and a clear bag pulled over her head insures that her need for air means work. That’s how the cunt is left –to her own devices. She can fuck that dead cock all she wants or even orgasm if she wants –but no one will be around to shut that vibrator off once that orgasm is over.
Now we find Lolita standing, er, balancing on a rock. She is nude and in a box tie. Rope winds around her body from the kneecaps all the way up to her neck. She is impossibly bound with no way to extricate herself from the bumpy, uneven rock she now finds herself standing on. A large black ball gag fills her face hole. She already looks very desperate. But she does have a friend with her –the trusty Hitachi. It is secured with rope to her cunt. She can’t get it off and she can’t get away from it. Plugged into the wall it will never die from lack of juice. She struggles greatly with this position. If not for the rope attached at her back that is tied to the ceiling she would certainly fall over. But this leaves her feeling very vulnerable and scared. Many times we see her lose balance and stark fear wash over her face –only to be caught by the rope. And that Hitachi just keeps buzzing away. After awhile I come back and ask her if she’s ready to come down from her predicament. She grunts back an affirmative to me as a tear falls from one eye, runs down her cheek and then over the ball gag. Snot runs from both nostrils. But I just turn around and leave without taking her down. I just wanted to make sure she did want down, that she was suffering. A giant wad of slobber runs out her gagged face hole as I turn around and leave her like that.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 51:01
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1379kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 575.4 MB