Description: Caught for trespassing the young mistress and her play slave are both tied to a rope in an abandon warehouse. The Black landlord is about to teach these two haughties a lesson in respect. Yielding a flogging whip he begins their ordeal striking the back and backsides of one then the other. They hop, jump and scream as the lash dances across their silken bodies and adding a touch or rouge to their smooth white bottoms. The Mistress curses and the taunts the Master while her little charge whimpers and cries with each stroke. Insulted by this mouthy lass, the Master elevates the punishment with a single tale whip. They dance against the ropes and cry out as the lash creases their tender flesh. When he finally tires and his prisoners are well marked, the Master leaves his captive in a state of sobering exhaustion and pain.

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Duration: 00:12:17

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