Mackenzee Pierce is back with her humungous tits, and booming body. Very new to the bondage world, this girl has what it takes to suffer beautifully.
Bound spread out and severely arched, Mackenzee is soon to learn first hand what being truly helpless is all about. We start out by flogging her sexy shaved pussy. As we hit her harder and harder her endorphin level rises. Then we oil and massage her sexy body, the contrast between the massage and the flogging is turning her senses upside down.
Then we strike and strike for the kill. Massive orgasm overload! We finger her to orgasm, we vibrate her to orgasm, their is nothing she can do except cum and cum. She begs, she barters, she pleads. We dont care, we simple make her cum more, as the lessons and fear of being helpless hits home hard..

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