Molly Winters spends a day in misery and pain when she finds herself in the cruel hands of bondage master Dave Darke. The opening scene finds Molly trapped by heavy weights attached to her labia. After fondling the helpless blonde babe, Dave attaches clamps to Molly’s nipples and pulls them skyward, trapping her in a 2-way pull of pain. Molly is then found hanging from a wooden beam, naked, spanked, completely spread open, and then forced to endure a clothespin zipper on her most intimate of parts. Wrapped in heavy plastic, Molly then bears the pain of weighted mousetraps hung on her nipples and labia, followed by a one-legged dance of agony that targets her tender nipples. Finally, Molly suffers a severe flogging and is left in tears from her encounter with the merciless Dave Darke.

Bonus Footage Included

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