We first see Molly slumped in a chair with a chain around her neck. In the foreground, two men are exchanging cash. It seems as is Molly has been purchased, like any other toy. Cash exchanged, Dan goes over to inspect his prize. However Molly proves herself to be a feisty thing, punching, slapping and kicking at Dan as much as she is able, as she is anchored by the chain around her neck.
Dan takes two floggers and dancing out of the range of her blows, finally beats her into submission. He forces her to strip and cuff her own hands. Taking her panties he tapes them into her mouth. Then he wraps a thin chain around her waist slides it through her pussy. He hangs heavy weights from it. Molly screams and struggles as the hard metal chafes her sex. But her day is far from over.

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