Hello my lovelies!

Fetish Kitsch has had his way with me far too many times, so this week it’s my turn! 🙂 I put him into our new Studio Gum inflatable sleep sack…I love this thing! It has two seperate inflatble chambers inside that suspend the occupant when inflated. Also these chambers exert a tremendous amount of pressure on the occupent making it impossible to move and turning Fetish Kitsch into my vulnerable inflatable Man-Toy 😉

The four layers of inflated 1.2 mm rubber actually offer quite a comfortable seat to reast on as I play with my toy. This particular sack comes with two holes which give me access to my two favorite parts of a man: his mouth and his penis 🙂 What more does a girl need, really!

Dressed to kill in my favorite Dominatrix boots, I decide to put my toy to work. Bouncing up and down on top of my inflatable toy was orgasmically fun and it was even more enjoyable knowing that his fate was in my hands. I could really get used to this whole Domme thing!

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