Year of manufacture:2010
Genre: BDSM (spanking, cane)
In roles:Sandy, Krista, Sir Nik, Mr. Liam
Description:In our first story we have Sandy. A Naughty Girl that loves to be spanked. Our naughty Sandy is lying around her bedroom and decides to give Mr. Liam a call to see if he would like to play a spanking game. Come on over, he replies, and the action begins. He starts with a nice over the knee spanking followed by a strap. After some good smacks of the stap Liam then gets his trusty old cane out.

In our second story Sir Nik gets a phone call telling him that his girl has been seen out cheating on him with one of his good friends. This is confirmed with a picture that is sent to his phone. When Krista returns home Nik threatens to kick her out and brake up with her, but she begs him not to. So instead of braking up he decides to give her a good old fashioned spanking to teach her a lesson. A hard hand spanking followed with a few implements and then finish off with a firm caning.

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