Hi my name is Kelly Payne. For all of you who don’t know me, this is my real name so I guess you could say I was born for this. I also have a medical and anal fetish. Mainly things that have to do with the ass.

I decided 8 years ago to design a website tantrumtrainers.com & to produce a line of videos for real fetishist. You might ask me why? First mainly frustration, but mostly because I’ve been into spanking most my life and I wanted to offer real spanking material to real spanking fetishist. When I was growing up it was very hard to find traditional spanking or anal fetish videos without all the leather and dungeons. Medical stuff was obsolete. I am a traditionalist. I give spankings to adults out of love not anger because they want and need it and because I get off on it.
I graduated college with a degree in fashion design, but when I began giving live spanking sessions 10 years ago it made me so happy and stress free I decided to give up my freelance fashion business and do this full time. I told my whole family and I am really lucky to have a family that accepts me and whom are actually very proud of me for doing what I love. “As long as I am safe”. Which I can say after 8 years I feel safe. I have had no problems, every person I have met has been a regular gentleman and sometime ladies. I mean how lucky could I get to be able to make a living doing something I get off on. It was like I was meant to do this all my life. I mean I have thought about it everyday for years and years. I use to hide under the covers with magazines masturbating to the personals. It wasn’t until I was 26 I actually gave a spanking to someone who wanted it & I should say deserved it. I still offer private sessions to a select few, but now most of my time is taken up producing videos and taking care of my customers and my website.
I enjoy spanking both men and women. I am not a switch although I have tried it. My true calling and what comes so natural to me is being on top. Not only do I love old fashioned bare bottom over the knee spanking, but I also enjoy medical role-play with enemas, rectal exams, temperature taking and strap-on. I only got off once in session but I often masturbate afterwards. There is nothing like beautiful ass getting spanked and penetrated, to me it is such a turn on. I should also mention that for me part of the whole thing is doing role-play with plenty of scolding and humiliation.

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