This is the third part of our brand new sadistic game show. The rules are as follows: Plenty of girls are invited to the show. Two of them are randomly chosen for a duel. Both girls receive alternating sets of 6 strokes with the same instrument on their same body parts. Each stroke is worth 30 USD. The duel goes until one of the two participiants quits. The looser doesn’t get a penny, the winner takes all the money for all the strokes she received. And the winner also has the opportunity to participate in the next duel (though this is not obligatory). The first duels features frontal single tail whipping, the second and third feature single tail whippings on the back, and the fourth duel features texas prison strappings on the bottom. This is the final part of our first Pain Duel Serie. In the next Serie we will continue with a set of brand new girls.

Genres: BDSM
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