Year of manufacture:1997
Genre: BDSM (spanking, cane)
In roles:Bad girls
Description:Mr. Brown’s new girl is quickly introduced to his penalty point system when her various misdemeanors are exposed. Her large cheeky bottom is ripe for a good paddling from Mr. Brown, and although he makes good use of his time with her, his enjoyment is short-lived. Relishing the chance to place his own marks on her lovely expanse of posterier, Mr. Brown’s friend, Bill, comes in and takes over.Stephanie is a very attractive model, confident in her beauty. When she finds out her flat-mate has stolen an important, well-paying job, she confronts her. It appears sexual favors had been extended to the casting director. This Infuriates Stephanie, because she too had allowed him to cane her bottom several days before. She decides the only thing to do is to give the girl the same punishment that she has received. Except she includes a sound thrashing with the cane.

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