It is time once again for a training session at the Pony Girl Ranch. No mercy is shown to these headstrong fillies by the trainer. Ropes, harness and gags are used to put them through the paces. Another implement used by the trainer is a riding crop. She must use it to discipline these fillies over and over again. Somehow it seems to be taking longer for these two to understand that if only they would do as the trainer instructs them, they would not be subjected to the sound and feel of the crop across their bare skin.
Running back and forth, and being ridden like a pony is also part of today’s session. They are put through the routines naked, with the cold wind making their nipples erect. The trainer also ties them standing up, legs spread-eagle, in an effort to teach them the discipline that will be expected of them by their owners. Only when the trainer is completely satisfied with their progress will she them from their training harnesses. And you can be sure the owners will be pleased with their Pony Girls.

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