Year of manufacture:2007
Genre: BDSM (spanking, cane)
In roles:Tara, James
Description: James leaves for work and immediately returns to ask Tara where her car is. She explains that it got scratched in the car park yesterday and is being repaired. As James is leaving again, the phone rings
it is the crash recovery company to warn about the cost and difficulties of removing the car from the front window of the supermarket.
Upon learning the true situation, James pulls Tara over his knee and commences a sound spanking, followed by similar with Tara kneeling on the floor and also bent over a stool. Unbeknown to James, Tara is rather enjoying this and also stimulating herself at the same time.
She is then sent for the strap and laid on a table for the ensuing punishment
still writhing with her stimulation.Her constant movements make James elect to fix her hands overhead and proceed to thrash her with a tawse.During this punishment he decides that the knickers should now be dispensed with but discovers they are damp and sends Tara to the bathroom to get cleaned up.
In the bath, Tara continues with her self-pleasuring until James re-appears and commences a caning on a wet bottom. Finally, Tara is caned bending over a chair and also touching toes. In the end, she is sent to bed where she mixes the pain and pleasure all over again.

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