Description: It’s even more brutal and humiliating treatment for Natalia, after she gets sent back to the Reform School. The Schoolmaster ties her up and spanks, canes and paddles her – hard and at length. Then he slips a butt plug up her ass, and for added humiliation he forcefully masturbates her with a wand vibrator. Next, Natalia – still tied up – gets an enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle! A flow indicator will help you visualize every drop of water forcing its way up Natalia’s colon, from the full-bag enema… While holding the enema water, Natalia gets whipped with a belt. When she’s finally allowed to expel the water, she has to do it in full view of the Schoolmaster, into a bucket, and then finish up on the toilet, again in full view.Not content with all that, the Schoolmaster places Natalia on a fucking machine that violates both her pussy and ass while she is tied up and gagged. Meanwhile, Natalia also gets whipped.

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Duration: 00:57:50
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