Those twisted Zordanians are back! In Alien Probe, you watched as beautiful warehouse clerk Cynthia Crawley became the bound and gagged captive of Jasper, a demented extraterrestrial masquerading as a mild mannered janitor, ( except for the large green genetic fluid spewing tentacle protruding from his abdomen ) bent on a biological invasion of earth using pretty Cynthia’s body as an incubator. But these aliens aren’t as smart as they think; because their initial attempts at inseminating Cynthia are unsuccessful (they don’t know about the pill).
Now in part two, Jasper decides he needs some help from Zordan, his home planet. So he summons Tardac, his evil leader, to assist him, providing for Tardac’s inhabitance the freshly slain body of an unlucky bum who had taken up residence near the warehouse where Jasper has set up shop. Together, they lure pretty Elaine, a pretty blonde working girl, into their shop of horrors, where she will become the next tightly bound captive to be probed, prodded and stimulated to prepare her for insemination.

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