In part 1 of Machine Head you watched as Professor Chuck Wyzinski, a brilliant but philandering robotics researcher, built a jury-rigged robot with a piece of real human brain in a misguided attempt at scientific greatness. Operating well outside ethical science, the Professor is secretive and paranoid as he builds his own personal Frankenstein which he dubs “ED.” Unfortunately, the brain he used in ED happened to be a specimen taken from the notorious “Workshop Killer,” turning the robot into a vicious psychobot with a taste for female flesh bound and gagged. The deranged robot first attacked the Professor’s pretty wife Amanda, then big-titted neighbor Kim, who the Professor was doing on the side.
In part 2, while his robot is at home terrorizing his wife and neighbor, Professor Wyznski is at his lab at the university where he is accosted by nosy funding administrator Dr. Laura Lash. She is skeptical of funding Professor Chuck’s secret home project and demands to see what he is working on. Reluctantly he agrees, not knowing the randy bondage acts ED has been carrying out in his absence.

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