Working late, pretty fashion designer Cindee is bored with her new project and feeling a bit horny. She decides to key into the internet for a little illicit entertainment.

Cindee is a very kinky girl and it wouldn’t be the first time she rubbed one out at her desk at work.
Randomly searching under the word “bondage,” Cindee’s machine connects with a new X-rated site called the Phantacide Peepshow.
The site has a strange hypnotic quality and actually calls Cindee by name then begins printing a list of her fantasies. It even has her fantasy villain listed as “Creepy Clyde.” “Creepy Clyde” was the nickname for the maintenance super in her building, born from his propensity for staring at the girls around the office. Every time “Creepy Clyde” looked at Cindee it made her skin crawl, and yet she fantasized about him forcing himself on her some night as she worked late. A night like tonight.

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