Long before the term “WAM” (Wet & Messy) became popular, Rick Savage was shooting “Splosh” movies. One of those movies was the first video ever made, by porn star Erika Kole. The first half of the movie features a splosh scene. The second half is comprised of B&D. Although, the splosh scene also incorporates bondage.
As the video begins, we find Rick and Erika in a hotel room in Atlantic City. Rick is explaining the nature of bondage to Erika. We soon realize this movie is a “movie within a movie,” as this “reality t.v.” style, shows Erika being directed in this, her first movie.” The camera cuts to the bathroom where Erika has been placed in bondage in the bathtub, with her arms tied to a rail in the wall behind the tub, and her ankles are bound to her thighs. She wears a floral print blouse, white skirt, white panties and white shoes, but her skirt is pulled up around her waist, exposing her silky white undies….

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