Genres: BDSM

Alexa is here for an extended stay. So Master Mercies begins her training with a basic lesson: everything is a privilege for girls here, including the very air they breathe. So when she’s not gagging on his cock and struggling for breath, she’s feeling his hand clamped around her neck. Master Mercies also brought in a vacuum cleaner to symbolize the removal of air from her world. Obviously, he did not turn it on inside her mouth, because, well, that would be stupidly dangerous, and we want Alexa to survive for her other treatment sessions. But he did turn it on to collect the spit and slobber spewing from her mouth over the course of her treatment. He even used it to vacuum up her tears. It was a fun new toy that will likely get used again at the harem. Alexa was a good little masochist toy herself. Enjoy this one.

Dr. Mercies does breath play on Alexa, uses a vacuum toy on Alexa. He facefucks her, she blows him, she gets spit on. He uses the vacuum toy on her. There is more facefucking and rimming. Then he puts a belt around her neck, and uses it as leash to facefuck and to do breath play on her. He sits on her face so she can lick his ass, he jerks in her open mouth and face, she picks up all the cum with her hand and puts it in her mouth with ease.

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