The darling Nicki Blue comes back to DungeonCorp a more experienced rope bottom and submissive…and every inch as hot as ever…there is no shyness in her, if there ever was any…and there’s much unbridled energy bouncing around in that pretty head of hers…a powerful young lady when she wants to be…at the very least Nicki has developed the visage of a self aware and self controlled sexual freak…a mysterious woman, I say…Nicki turns out to be a very emotional submissive today…she considers all those heart-felt and often heart-wrenching reactions to be just another part of her role, in her fantasy…but everything she’s going through is very real…and Nicki is fine with that…It seems she has found a good line between real play and fantasy and she wastes no time blurring it…After some Dom and control time, I tie her to a furniture dolly…I came up with a plan to use bungee cord in a crude pussy impaling rig…and it works very well…after I get the right size dildo for Nicki’s annoyingly tight cunt…the bungees hold it deep inside her with constant preasure…then onto a spread suspension…hanging, naked and spread, she makes a perfect target for my tails…nipples and cunt clamped, I finish with her…once again, I have to run to take care of business elsewhere and I leave Nicki with Bane…he bends her over and invades her ass…Nicki loves things in her ass, but can she get too much of a good thing? Bane tests the depth and girth tolerance of her ass…TENS pads on her ass…then a vibrator on her pussy…she loses control and the fluids fly…in the final scene, Bane has a good time with Dom and control as well…he directs Nicki to kneel her way to him, dragging nipple weights between her legs…she ends up with that fine ass in the air, kneeling on concrete and feeling Bane’s floggers…Kudos to Nicki for her continued dedication to BDSM and her own exploration of submission and power…and for being one fine piece of ass…

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