Aiden is a perverted and sexy bundle of joy…bright blue eyes, a big happy smile, luscious tits and a wicked round ass…but her toughness and willingness to challenge herself is like a celebration within her…I love the models who give it their all, and never try to take control of the situation…they submit to this process whole heartedly and that gives us cause for sadistic celebration ourselves…after the interview, I direct Aiden onto the bed…I rope cuff her wrists and ankles and tie her spread eagle…the spread has always been my favorite…simple and inescapable…pulling the body apart to expose everything…such a helpless sight…I revel in her predicament as I begin to plug her pussy and ass…I asked her not to expel the plug from her ass…but poor Aiden lost control during a dragon’s tail strike…she clinched her ass and out came the plug…I didnt plan on clamping her cunt with the lip loop, but she made me do it…she suffers much for that loss of control…then I turn her over and prop her ass up…I add some rope to her thighs to keep her legs wide for me…an anal hook tightens up the entire predicament and I take my time making her cum…I really developed a fondness for that perfect pink pussy, so I string her up in a spread suspension…many orgasms later she has to pay me back for all that pleasure…and she does…from my floggers…I suspend her again in the last scene and hook her ass once more…after some more pussy stimulation, I tire from her swinging around…I tie her hands and feet down which keeps her nice and steady…I end the day with dual dragon’s tails on that wonderful ass……Much thanks to Aiden for enduring what no young woman should have to endure, but do it anyway, for our pleasure…

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